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Default Re: KT88 Intermittent problem

Dear Folks,

After all this time I think I have finally solved the problem. I decided that if the problem was somewhere in or around the volume control, then rather than trying to precisely track down an intermittent, which might take for ever, I would 'take the bull by the horns' and replace the volume control and all its connecting leads. At least this would either fix the problem or else eliminate a lot of possible suspects from the enquiry.

I have did this very carefully yesterday. In the course of it i checked adjacent connections and found a dry joint on the front end of signal lead for the left hand feedback connection. I put it all back together and it has worked perfectly ever since, so I am cautiously optimistic that the problem is solved. However ... I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe the problem was actually in the feedback lead connection, not the volume control. This would tidily explain sudden jumps in volume. Maybe I have therefore replaced more than I had to - curses!. However if what was an irritating problem is finally fixed then I'm not going to complain too much. Because of the help you gave, I thought it would be useful to give you feedback (!) on how the problem was finally solved.
Best wishes,
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