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Default New build WDPhono 3 Questions; heater voltage/LED


I have just completed a new build of the PSU3 and WDPhono3. This is my first build so I am new to this.

In testing the voltages are all measuring within the stated 15% except the heater voltages which seem off.

I measure a healthy 6.5v across the heater pins (1&4) on the power cable from the PSU. However when plugged into to the phono stage the voltage across HTR+ and HTR- is a fairly anaemic 4,9v. More, the HTR+ to ground reads 54v rather than the specified 49v, and for HTR-/Gnd measures 49v rather than 43v.

Does this indicate a problem?

Also the L.E.D does not light. The instructions say to wire between LED1 and LED2 but LED1 does not seem to go anywhere. I would like to get some confirmation of where the L.E.D should go as its not shown on the circuit diagram. As the LED uses the heater circuit maybe my problems are connected.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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