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Hi Stuart,

Just replace the caps and batteries then and give it a listen. Without a circuit diagram and set-up info there's not a lot more you can do.

If it looks fairly simple you could try drawing it out and compare it to circuits on the web but most seem to use the 9V PP3 batt and we don't know what the pot is for. There were lots around 40 years ago. I've just checked eBay and see there's one of those Ortofon MCA76 head amps on for 200! I had one back in the day, mid 70's, mains powered and many pairs of transistors iirc, very quiet, I thought it was good but the flat earth press didn't like it

Specs of the PLZ amp are for flat x20 gain to feed into an existing RIAA phono input, so it's just a linear head amp,
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