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you didn't understand the function of the PLZ - you shouldn't have used it into a MM stage but into an MC stage. The PLZ provides 27dB of gain and it's low o/put is 0.33mV, same as my AT 33EV MC.

The PLZ was designed to be used with the Pickering 7500S LOMM - low output moving magnet cartridge. This like the Stanton equivalent combined the best of both the MM and MC designs.

Studying the comments on a few sites the PLZ has been used with success with many MCs but into the moving coil output. The one criticism is the resistive load is 100 ohm when many use 1K.

I never gave this cartridge a fair chance some time ago but now i will. These LOMM came along late in the day. I was on the point of buying either an AT ART 9 or a Soundsmith Zephyr and I might still but at little expense (cap renewal) I now I will.

I have a very under rated phono stage the Talk Audio MC3 I can easily configure it to suit the 7500S but as I have the PLZ I need to see what it is capable of.

Bob, are you capable of producing a diagram of the circuit? I would like guidance on changing the values so that I can try a 1K load.
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