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Originally Posted by bob orbell View Post
Hi Andy, Stuart, with regard to the PLZ being noisy, I don't know how you connected the ground terminal, but I found connecting the arm lead to the PLZ only produced total silence, if I connected to the Phono then I had noise. Bob
Ah yes Bob, when I talk about noise in this context I meant the hiss from the device rather than hum, which as you say is absent. Earthing isn't much of an issue with battery driven devices I find, and the standard Rega method of earthing down the LH arm lead works fine.
Merely an observation and relative to valves its pretty darn quiet, it's only when stacked against an up to date SS design any hiss is noticeably more and at normal to very loud listening volumes its still less than any noise off the record itself. i.e. insignificant.

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