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your first comment on the PLZ left me thinking it was negative one, your later comment that 'the background noise is inaudible in real world listening' gives a clearer picture.

My comment about Rega gear is because I, like a lot of others got sucks in by clever marketing and before I really thought about getting into seriously good sounding gear. I bought both the Rega 2 & 3 decks - really **** b/bearings used in each and a crappy little motor. RB250 & RB300 arms - what to say - with either you had to leave both arms with a sloppy fit to get anything like a decent sound. Clever marketting again re. one piece arms - the reality being much, much cheaper to make thatn arms with detachabel h/shells - only good pint, really easy to rewire, which I did using wrapping wire on the RB250 and it sounded better. Anyone interested in both those arms PM me, same goes for the Rega 3, I might borrow a hunting friend's rifle and use it for target practice - could be fun. My take on Rega is that 'a leopard doesn't change it's spots'.

The Kevin Edwards designed MC3 I bought at half price when it looked like the international Ponzi scheme was on the point of collapse - 600 for a two piece phono stage carefully designed and engineered. Almost limitless options for setting up a cartridge and using components no longer available. Maybe just maybe changing the RIAA resistors for Z foil smd types might improve it but at a cost.

I shall try the P7500S with both the MC3 and the PLZ. It wasn't until I happened to come across two threads on Audiogon about LOMM cartridges that I remembered I had bought s/hand both the cartridge and pre-preamp.

Both my AT 33EV and the 7500s would benefit from lowering the arm mass but as I have 2 x Kenwood h/shells and the excellent Kenwood gimbal arm is a doddle to reset I shall try this combo first and then maybe buy a second Analgis h/shell.

It was a long time before I ventured into the world of MCs seeing so much questionable variation on expensive ones. When I saw that an AT 33EV was on offer in a New York store for $299 / 1= $1.70 at the time and having a good friend in Florida who would ship it over after reboxing I couldn't resist. At that time a previous owner of this site was touting a price of 545 and warning about grey imports.

It blew away all MMs I had used up to that time and I had been seriously thinking of buying either an ART 9 (variable production) or a Soundsmith Zephr IF I could find someone in the US to buy either for me and ship on - I will not pay the extortionate prices asked for in Europe + the 20% EU import tax.

Seeing the comments on these LOMM cartrdiges I must try the 7500S first. I may like the PLZ and it might then be worth changing out first the trimpot if I can find out what value it is. The Spanish maker didn't respond to my enquiry. A Bourne one may make an appreciable difference at little cost.

I've had zero time to get on with recapping my 2 KD decks/Heybrook Sextet speakers etc. etc. The bloody garden, doing most of the cooking, shopping and so on due to my wife's health problem and now that has improved I don't feel like wielding a soldering iron when the temperature inside the house is around 29C - life's a bitch - so it goes.
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