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Originally Posted by Black Stuart View Post
I've had zero time to get on with recapping my 2 KD decks/Heybrook Sextet speakers etc. etc. The bloody garden, doing most of the cooking, shopping and so on due to my wife's health problem and now that has improved I don't feel like wielding a soldering iron when the temperature inside the house is around 29C - life's a bitch - so it goes.
I’d wait until The temperature cools. Also, do you really need to recap your Kenwood decks? Are the caps showing any sign of stress? If they are currently working well, I’d leave alone until you have a problem. I am happily using a 1980’s Denon DP-80 direct drive and it’s going well. I won’t touch it until something goes wrong.

I would prioritise the crossover rebuild of your Sextets. External mounting, a quality rewire and careful choice of components can bring a very big improvement to sound. Well worth the effort.

Good to hear that Angela is getting better.
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