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Default Re: Cathode Follower

Hi Brian,
Last question first - You would require all the bits for a Pre3 CF plus a PSU of some sort and the necessary interconnecting cables.
Advantages - A relatively low impedance output enabling you to use longer leads, simplicity itself. Can keep existing Vol control/input selector
Disadvantages - loss of gain -0.9dB, Large capacitor to isolate output DC, power supply and all attendant bits, cables etc.
As to how it would sound, I will pass on that, suffice to say I work on the Dr Lanchester principle "if it sounds right it is right" He quoted the maxim "If it looks right it is right" which applied to aeronautics
I know that this is going to create howls of protest here, but the only real criteria are your ears, equipment and listening room, and even music. I have had people say "I don't like the sound" when they really didn't like the music being played

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