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Default Re: Cathode Follower

Originally Posted by Richard View Post
Hi Brian,

Completely agree with John and I/we have had the advantage of a direct comparison between a Passive pre as you have, a WD conversion CF pre, and a Transformer pre in one sitting in the same system a few years ago.

Short answer is the 3 of us all preferred our own, probably due to familiarity.

I had the passive on short i/cs near to the power amp. The power amp for all was 100K input and line sensitive. To my ears it simply offered attenuation and the sound was clear and open. (I should caution that I've tried the same passive pre with a 20K input ss power amp and it wasn't so good, so impedance matching, I think, is important with a passive.)

The CF was good but narrower sound stage and somewhat limited in open-ness and highs but the owner preferred the more focussed and tidier presentation.

The TX was super-sweet and creamy sounding I was amazed. It lacked dynamics and timing compared to the others but did sound special.

It was easy to hear the differences and we all agreed those but had our own preferences.
Thanks Richard,

what a fantastic opportunity to test all three types of amplifiers. Sounds, like I would need to 'suck it and see' or 'hear' in this case to see if I liked the change.

What do you class as short interconnects? I have 1m pre to power connections but I'm considering replacing them with low capacitance 0.5m ones. This is mainly due to DACT recommending a 10K attenuator and low capacitance interconnects as this increases high-end bandwidth and I have no intention or replacing my 50K attenuator due to cost. DACT have provided a attenuation curve calculator which may be of interested.

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