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Default Re: Cathode Follower

You are now entering a world of snake oil and the like. Some home made cables are rubbish and some are very good, to whit Greg used a TNT cable consisting of stands of cat 5 network cable, which he swore was the cats whiskers but someone else tried this same cable on a Naim amp and it was goodbye output transistors. As I keep telling customers "nirvana doesn't exist"
There are lots of good basic cables out there without paying a fortune and you certainly don't need to get dragged into the "Well it cost 6000 so it must be better" disease. My usual answer to that comment is "define better" Often met with a blank stare
You will need to "cut the coat etc" There are lots of cables I would like to try but as my cable run is 11 Metres and I biwire that is goodbye to 44 Metres! Even the so called affordable L/S cables at 200/metre would equal 8800. I think not!


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