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Default Re: Cathode Follower

Originally Posted by emollusc View Post
Thanks Richard,

what a fantastic opportunity to test all three types of amplifiers. Sounds, like I would need to 'suck it and see' or 'hear' in this case to see if I liked the change.

What do you class as short interconnects? I have 1m pre to power connections but I'm considering replacing them with low capacitance 0.5m ones. This is mainly due to DACT recommending a 10K attenuator and low capacitance interconnects as this increases high-end bandwidth and I have no intention or replacing my 50K attenuator due to cost. DACT have provided a attenuation curve calculator which may be of interested.


Hi Brian,

I used 0.5M of low cap cable (100pf/M). I agree with John that 1M should be no problem but be aware some real cheapies can be several hundred pF/M.

The comparison day was very enjoyable, quite a while ago now 2006, and included a lot of what we are still discussing in your recent threads. Nice to re-visit those days.

I've dug out 2 threads, the first about the 300B stereo amps and clone versions made by Greg and friends, and the second about the meet up we had to listen to them, pre-amps, SB, dacs etc. Wordy but you might find parts of interest

Old 300bpp Ringing

300B PP NottFest Meetup
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