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Default Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8

Hi Andy,

SBT can be set up many different ways and the guides are not always easy as they assume you want to stream from the likes of Spotify and take you the long way around if you really want to play your own library from a PC or Laptop.

So it’s best to work the other way around, tell us what you want to do and what your home internet and network is. Just yes/no to the following mostly,

Is it working at all at the moment and what does it play?

Do you want to,

stream music files from a site such as Spotify and/or

play music from a card or other plug-in drive and/or

play a FLAC library from PC or Laptop and/or

play internet radio

Do you have a home network available/set up? Commonly provided by your internet service provider as a modem and wireless hub combined? Who’s?

Is your phone/tablet/computer/printer etc on it and working ok? Is it wired/wifi or both?

An add-on external DAC and phone controller is easy to add and the last part to do.

A working standard SBT remote is useful for setting up rather than using the touch screen. The screen is good for seeing where you are.

Once set up a phone/tablet controller is much faster.

It’s a pain but it’s a very on/off thing, it will suddenly work when you get it right. I’d drop you a PM but I only know my own set up and think I'd miss something but I’m sure the guys here will have answers for what you want. If you want to give it a go I'll move the thread to a new one in Sources later.
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