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Default Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8

Hi Andy,

Crikey, you have a good selection of gear there to go at! I got all the radio stations going using the Squeezer app. I didn't need to go through any extra setting anywhere. Yes Radio 3 is 320 and very good I think you will like it. Fast forward to 4) below. This overall set up may not be what you want but is the only way I can explain it and hope others will wade in with any short cuts or a different set up.

Rather than trying to use multiple music sources into SBT (I found that difficult and frustrating changing settings and waiting for it to scan etc) gather them all together in a Music library containing all the files SBT can play, MP3, FLAC etc on one PC or laptop which is on your network with SBT.

In Music you can mix albums/tracks in a folder or have separate folders for FlacPop, MP3Pop, FlacClassical, MP3Classical, etc.

1) Make the Music library near the root C: so if your user folder is Andy make it C:\users\Andy\Music. A track address might be C:\users\Andy\Music\FlacPop\Bruce Springsteen\The River\Disc 1\The ties that bind.flac

(If you archive everything in FLAC it’s easy to convert it to other file formats as it’s lossless and has meta tagging. Pointless archiving WAV files as they take more space and have no tagging. Pointless archiving in MP3 as they are lossy and can never be restored fully. Flacsquisher can be pointed at a complete FLAC library of hundreds of albums and convert/provide a copy of it all in MP3 in any compression CBR or VBR in one go, with tags and art. Or just a single track. Thus a library for the car or phone.)

2) Load LMS to that machine, open it, and point it to the Music folders you want it to use in the Library page. Set it to scan and they’ll be available on SBT.

(Best not to leave it to scan the whole PC or you’ll end up with every picture and bit of music on there. See the pull down lets you discard everything and scan afresh which is usually the best option.)

3) Open an account at with your email address and password. Enter these details also in the Account page on LMS. You should now be able to add your SBT to It will appear there with lots of tabs for info and making tweaks and changes most of which you never touch.

4) Start simple; SBT and the server PC/laptop and phone must be on the same network. The server can work by wire and the rest by wifi, mine is done that way too, so long as they are on the same network. Make the Music library with just one FLAC or MP3 folder containing one album. Load LMS to your server PC/laptop. Join and enter the details in LMS. Connect SBT to the amp using its own phono outs. Get it playing the files from the library using the SBT remote or touch screen before moving on to the phone app.

Then load Squeezer to the phone. Go to Radio on the phone and put BBC Radio 3 in search. When you see the right station add it to Favourites. It will save it there with the station icon. Search and load others so you can choose from dozens of radio stations by just using Favourites.

Then is the time to put a dac between SBT and amp if you want. Optical or Spdif is very easy, just the connection. Usb dac connection takes a bit more doing as it needs a firmware update, EDO loading to SBT, and settings on SBT adjusting to connect it to the actual dac.

All this is quite involved but when it’s up and running there’s very little to do other than power up select and play.

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