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Default Re: Squeezer 1.5.1 App on Android 8

Originally Posted by bikerhifinut View Post
Got it going on the tune in radio ok.

Now then, how did you get it to interface with the BBC Hi res feeds? or do I have to use the netbook or laptop and somehow feed it via the SBT?

Hi Andy Yes PM me anytime but I think there's only you and me down here

You can try opening LMS Control Panel>Advanced>Web Remote Control then add it to favourites in your browser for quick access next time.

Any library music you have will show and play and you can search radio stations and find them but it may not play or save them (mine doesn't).

(I "think" (dangerous) no longer works the way LMS was set up for. It doesn't seem to allow radio stations or saving of Favourites. If the Squeezer app is used it will play radio and allow saving to Favourites which it stores instead on LMS.)

So, worth a look on Web Remote but I know working through to using the Squeezer app will definitely get you all radios at full res and let you save them.
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