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Default Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch

The SB touch is bound for the bin.
I'm sick of its crankiness.
I had need to disconnect it today whilst cleaning and tidying up the gear on the shelf.
On switching back on it just won't play ball.
Won't log onto because it seems to lose the wifi connection continuously, and its not my connection as we have 70meg BB and even my crappy android phone will download at 30 meg up here in the den.
I think its finally thrown its hand in, strange though it was working fine this morning.
I dont use it for much more than internet radio but there's nowt out there that does the same job of getting the radio feed, at least not affordably and I am not snaking 15 feet of USB cable from my laptop into the back of the DAC just to have R4 R3 or local BBC radio on.
I have to say that all this modern digital stuff is unnecessarily complicated to use, all I want is an on off switch and a means to tune in the desired station at the best sound quality available.
Think I'll trawl eBay for a cheap freeview box and plug that in to the DAC I'd just use the satellite box but for some bizarre reason the BBC doesn't transmit its local stations via the sat.
FM is a joke here so that's not an option.
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