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Default Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch

So a dodgy SMPS can upset the SB?
I wonder....
I went back up after 2 hours with it left switched on, and its stayed logged into the network and although it needed a reboot to unfreeze the display its started to work properly again.
I'll have an investigate, I could get a 9V 50VA transformer and I already have a couple or 3 LDO 5amp regs and a beefy bridge rectifier to cobble up a regulated 5V supply.

You lost me at raspberry pi.
I'm too long in the tooth to play around with computers and no amount of persuasions going to work, I simply don't get it, all I want is a radio.
I get all the musical enjoyment I need from LPs and good old CD which satisfies my needs. I tried downloading and playing stuff via the DAC but I just don't like having a computer wired to the audio system, Its a bind having a length of wire from the laptop. I got hopelessly lost trying to work out how the heck you do this network storage stuff and when I saw how much it would cost to purchase one of the better regarded digital music systems I baulked.

Andy the Luddite
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