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Default Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch

Originally Posted by pager8 View Post
I have a Raspberry Pi Hi Fi Berry unit that is sitting here doing nothing
if you think that you could make use of it you are most welcome to have it
FOC . Post me your address and its on its way


Geoff (pager8)
That's very generous indeed Geoff.
What exactly can I do with one? I am completely ignorant about this sort of computer stuff.
I have a high quality DAC built in with my CD player which I feed all my digital sources into (TV, Squeezebox, DVD player, personal player, Satellite receiver etc)
The need I have identified is to get a high quality feed from the internet for the radio, Radio3 HD etc which the squeezebox no longer supports.
I'm a complete novice at this and I admit I have huge difficulties grasping the operation of any of the modern Digital technology, even my computer skills are very basic.

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