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Default Re: Setting up Squeezebox Touch

Andy, Geoff’s RPi is already Roon ready so to use it for streaming you would need a subscription to Roon (operating system) and also, if you wanted it, a music library. Roon currently only works with the two top lossless sources being Qobuz and Tidal. If you have your CD’s ripped and the files stored on your PC, you can use the RPi for playing these alone. You don’t have to join a streaming service, but if you have Roon, you can access just about any radio station in the world and stream at flac or lossless sound quality.

Alternatively, you could remove the Roon system from the RPi’s SD card and download a free operating system such as Squeezelite which your Squeezebox already uses. There are plenty of other free operating systems. Just google to find them. There is also loads of info on the web on how to set up an RPi to play music. If you have Amazon Prime you automatically have access to Amazon music at no extra cost. It’s not flac quality but pretty good. Again, with Squeezelite, you can simply just play your personal library providing it is stored digitally on your computer.

It’s the way to go, you know
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