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Default Posting to the Gallery

The Gallery is accessed from the Menu bar. It is designed for you to add permanent pictures of your favourite products.

Do NOT use the Gallery for temporary pictures. These should be included in your posts in the main Forum.

To post a picture to the Gallery click the UPLOAD button. Browse to the image file on your hard drive.

Choose a Category for your picture (please do NOT use the 'no-one' category!).

Enter a short Title.

Enter a description that other forum members will see when they view your picture.

Click the Upload button. That's it!


Be very careful to locate the correct file. You can't edit the picture once it is uploaded to the Gallery!

Pictures must be in JPG or JPEG format and under 1024 x 768 in size and under 500Kb in file size. You can easily compress high quality pictures to this file size by choosing a jpg quality when saving the file in an image editor. For example in Paint Shop Pro choose Options when saving the file and set to 35%. In Photoshop set the Quality to 6 when saving.

If your pictures are either too big in pixel size or in file size the Upload window will tell you.

The latest Gallery pictures will be exhibited automatically on the Forum Main Page.

It is possible to edit your pictures after posting. To remove a picture you will have to Delete the picture. You can only edit and delete your own pictures.

To comment on someone else's pictures click on the picture in the Gallery and then the Post Reply button.

Members are encouraged to Rate the picture by choosing Rate Thread.

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