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Lightbulb For sale - VGC Pro build - Pre3 + Phono3S + PSU3

For sale - VGC Pro build - Pre3 + Phono3S + PSU3

Series 3 as you can see. I came across these wonderful items in a part-exchange. I have used the Pre3 with the WAD KT88 power amp (which i am keeping) but no switching over to a different preamp, so the Pre3 is for sale. As for the the Phono3S -I don't have a turntable ! (gasp !) so this is for sale too. All cables included. I have 'upgraded' valves including 3 X JJ ECC83S in the Phono3S and Mullards / NOS elsewhere.

Happy to provide more info - just message me or phone me. Please ask for photos - i cannot seem to upload them here ?

Open to offers. I seriously have no idea what the pre-owned value is so feel free to enlighten me and make an offer. Would rather sell all 3 items as one especially as the PSU3 is set-up to power both the Pre3 and Phono3S.

Oh, i also have the HD3S Headphone Amp " - which i will probably keep, its fantastic. But feel free to make an offer. I am keeping the WAD KT88 power amp as i can use this with my integrated amp when it is in preamp mode.

Thanks for reading,
Hope you are well

ps - i am based near to Bath / Bristol and can deliver within 30 miles or courier items

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