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So, perhaps spelling doesn't matter half as much as poor grammar.

With spelling the meaning is still (usually) there even if the words are mispelled. Richard, for example, gives us some examples and I suggest it is actually quite difficult to mispell in a way that preserves as easily accessible meaning as when the text is spelled correctly but this may not always be true. 'Textese' (used with mobile phones) is catching on, much to my regret, and I wonder how many assignations never happen because Romeo was 'l8 4 a d8' with his Juliet.

A writer may have difficulty in converying meaning i.e. what the writer intends to say, depending on ability to express meaning clearly and concisely. Potentially there is fear and dreadful ambiguity of the reader's interpretation or the writer's (use of the apostrophe here shows that the reader knows there is only one writer and one reader; the text belongs to the writer and the interpretation belongs to the reader. No apostrophes would confuse as this could then mean many writers of one text uh! nonsense and many readers of this text - possible. We need a context too, then.) text too makes me wonder how we ever make much sense to each other! - maybe we don't ;-)

But to use grammar incorrectly, as an example, the apostrophe, can make for some serious misunderstandings - easy to make but also easy not to do so, I would assert.

' CD's ' is as bad as ' carrot's'. Though in the former the apostrophe is simply unecessary and in the latter it makes me wonder what a carrot can own - bizarre!

'The people's princess' may be an oxymoron but is grammatically correct. Mind you, 'colourless green thoughts sleep furiously' is grammatically correct too, and arguably makes even less sense.

I could go on but I don't think anyone is still awake and those that are probably would rather I talked about the valve's possibilities - You see, it doesn't work. ;-) ;-)
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