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Originally Posted by bikerhifinut View Post
You say the talk electronics is superior to any Rega gear? I can't of course offer any opinion on that, not having heard the talk electronics amp. I will say that in my OPINION (my capitals), Rega electronics take some beating in their price band, and Terry Batemans RIAA designs are generally right on the button.

As to this musicality thing, I am not really sure what all that means. I will hear very differently to you so I think any subjective opinion on that isn't really worth all that much. I have played about with this Pickering device with a fairly modest silicon based front end and with the WD Phono3 MM input and in both cases it sounded pretty good. I would say it goes a way towards confirming my feelings that step up transformers aren't always the answer with a Moving coil cartridge. Theres a definite feeling of a bit more up at the top end without it feeling "edgy" to my way of hearing. The background noise is far enough down for it to be inaudible in real world listening and didnt get in the way of the music coming off the LP. In short it works very effectively at its job of raising the microvolts output of the Ortofon Quintet to the millivolts required of a Magnetic Cartridge input.
Just bung a couple of AA cells in and decide for yourself is my thinking.


Yes very subjective given the various combinations of equipment and set up of a vinyl replay system, unless there's obviously something wrong or a confirmed problem found on test that everyone would agree upon.

Strange how things change, when moving coils made a come back in the 70's transformers were then considered the cheap and chearful way to get them into a MM input. A good head amp was usually preferred. Since the later valve renaissance of the 90's it seems transformers have regained popularity in some areas albeit at a cost.
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