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Default Re: Fed up With windows vista start menu try this

You can still buy computers with Windows XP. Most of the business computer suppliers, for example DABS for Business, still offer computers with XP because they know most businesses don't want to run Vista.

On the gadgets show on Channel 4 last night I was amused to see a test of three £500 desktops running Vista. None of them managed to play Sega Rallye without graphics jerking and stopping, two of them took over 45 mins to install, although Vista wasn't pointed at as the reason for this poor performance you can guess that it didn't help!

Just remember that Vista is part of the conspiracy amongst computer software and hardware manufacturers to sell the latest performance computers. IMO most computers sold with Vista are not powerful enough to run it efficiently. You need at least 2Gb of RAM, preferably double that, the fastest processor you can lay your hands on and a graphics card that has its own on board high performance processor and video RAM.

Me, I'm sticking to XP until there is a major upgrade to computer hardware performance to catch up with the requirements to run a heavyweight OS like Vista efficiently.
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