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Default Re: Fed up With windows vista start menu try this

hmm, I have had no end of probs with xp, too.

I run a pretty fast cpu and modern mobo.

its software probs. and the internet/scumware that causes it.

I didn't like vista, looked pretty, but cumbersome.

xp is also VERY cumbersome, multiple things scattered everywhere, and you can't see what is going where.

I have vista now, with 2gb ram, its quite stable, with sp1, but I have a feeling that start menu has slowed it a little

fast cpus' aren't expensive now, on the contrary, you can pick up a fab one for around £100. mobos are a big con, too, you don't need an all singing one.

its graphics cards that are the big con, £300 for top spec. every 3 months

spposed to be a new windows in 2010? win 7? even vista became compromised, was meant to be fab but got cut down.

I quite like vista so far, but it still needs much better organisation and integration, that's the main thing, logical simple access to everything in plain english labelled in a way you can understand.
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