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Default Re: Cheap Cartridges

Thanks Gerry, I was trying to find meaningful figures like compliance but couldn't so all comment welcome. I see Shane also uses the 304 which has made me pause as he's having probs in a Mayware which is lower eff mass than yours. I would have thought it will be as compliant as the 160 but who knows?

Chris, not used the 110 but the 160 tracks perfectly in the Mayware, absolutely no audible distortion or mistracking even on rough eBay vinyl, tracks the noise beautifully . Seriously, I'm begining to wonder if this is just a good cart sample or a lucky arm match. That said, I know the geometry is good so it may be worth you checking alignment. Also, this weather, keep it warm, my deck's on the shelf above the power amp. Bass is strong and tuneful, as good if not better than CD, which is saying something.

My dilema is that a 304 will need to use the step up TXs and will I lose as much as I gain by going to these? I suppose I will try it and report back.

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