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Default Software Oscilloscope

On the WDPhono 3.18uS thread I mentioned a software oscilloscope I use for checking the azimuth of my cartridge in conjunction with the HFN test record (side 2, band 5 on my version). The same software could be used to set the HF trimmer on the Phono3. WD probably can't recommend any particular freeware as they could need a commercial license if they were to do this, but we can use this software for personal use legally. The scope I downloaded is found at:

When using this software you need to ensure your PC input is stereo (if you need this).

Here is what my how my cartridge measure with azimuth properly set, note that one channel is at a slightly lower level than the other and some dust probably messed up up one channel a fraction in this first image:

Here the azimuth is out in one direction:

Here azimuth is out in the other direction:

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