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quite by chance I read something very similar on Aduigon which triggered my memory that I had bought a Pickering LOMM years ago and though I had liked it, see a post on WAD I had never bothered to use the PLZ that came with it.

All cartridges need a good phono stage to really shine and a good compatible arm, get this combo right and vinyl is worth the work you have to put into to get the optimum performance.

I wish I could go back about 30 years with the knowledge i have now minus the 'received wisdom', which mostly turned out to be b/s.

The signal from a cartridge, MM,MI or MC is very low level, any interference, any magnetic field which is stronger will alter that signal conductance. Long ago I rejected using any kind of shield on phono or any i/connect cable. The only cable that should be shielded is a power cable, I f that is done I have never noticed any interference.

I was still using commercial i/connects when I last listened to the Pickering 7500S, which all totally disregarded the stone cold fact that air is the best dialectric.

My Kenwood KD990 was designed from the ground up by engineers with open minds and they determined that the arm cable should be very high purity solid silver. This cable is solderded to a piece of tag board and the phono out cables are soldered to this.

As I have 2 x KD990s and the first only cost me 120 (it was dropped in transit but still worked) I intend to open up the arm on this deck so that there will be one continuous run of cable from cartridge tags to the PLZ or if I don't like what I hear to my MC3 phono stage, which I really do like.

What a shame these LOMM only came along at the wrong time Andy. The Ortofon/Soundsmith design has a huge advantage over MC which you have mentioned. The advantage of the Soundsmith cartrdiges also has a very real economic advantage they can be 'renewed' for a very reasonable price unlike MC.

I was very wary of MCs since production has been very variable. The ART 9 when properly made has a very good reputation but just a few years ago there were many being sold that were far from accurate in their alignment.

I never really liked the Goldring sound, I have an NOS G1000, forgot all about it. I have heard that Ortofon have very strict production protocols, hence no bad reviews on quality.

I shall give the PLZ a try and if I like what I hear, then around 8 for new caps to the same specs is a small investment.

There was an American who worked specifically on stylus research on V/E and he did a whole thread ob the various stylus profiles, their effect on vinyl wear and how well they tracked and relayed the information.
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