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Default Re: KT88 construction problem

Hi all,
A 15 Watt soldering iron is not really big enough for this sort of work. it does not have enough thermal capacity/inertia to keep hot when applied, say, to a valve base tag or a big part tag.
As a minimum I would use a 25 Watt or preferably a welder TCP type 48 Watt, but I appreciate that is an expense many could do without at present. As an an example I have a 15Watt, 25Watt ,2 off 48Watt, a 60 watt and a 125Watt. They are all used at one time or another.
Silver solder versus lead free versus Tin/Lead? I will always stick with Savbit Multicore Tin/Lead. Do not use separate flux paste as some is acidic, which you do not want. To clean flux if required, IPA or Methylated Spirit does the job nicely especially on PCBs.
That should stir things up nicely:-)


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