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Default Re: Phono3S it's humming again.

Originally Posted by bob orbell View Post
Well that's good news Andy, glad you are sorted, now then, what can you do about this **** weather? hmmm, . BOB
I reckon its a question of just waiting it out Bob. The equinox will be with us soon and I hope we get a proper spring and summer this year instead of a washout.
We have short memories, certainly in my living memory we've had late winter nasties as late as Easter. 2 years ago at may bank holiday weekend we had a hard snowfall on the friday which caused a bit of mayhem on the road up teesdale and down to Alston. I know because i had to drive over it on my way to a motorbike weekend. I left the Triumph at home and took the car! Was still in North Yorkshire then.

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