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The PSU caps on my first KD deck leaked, so yes I do need to change the electrolytics and Kenwood made it easy to remove the board, including postage about 4 per deck.

Temps next week will peak @ 39/40C. External temps. should not affect internal temps. but if **** materials are used to build a house then they do, which is why I refuse to buy eityher an old house or one built to the 2012 regs, really inferior regs to those in Germany/Scandinavia.

If you knocked down your fletton brick garage and used 15cm aircrete blocks and a well insulated metal 15% sloping roof. Build it 15cm off the ground using a waterproofing additive to the reinforced concrete base - build time 2 weeks max. Entrance via external wall of your house ergo no need for any other entrance. No hard plaster finish to the interior. Skim coat any blemishes and use a good natural paint finish will give you excellent acoustics, agreeable temp. in summer and very little heat needed in winter. Use a waterproof crepi finish, colour pigment included on the exterior and you have a maintenance free structure. A 15% slope to the roof and a t&g pinewood finish for the ceiling will produce a near ideal acoustic environment. Very important it will get you out of your wife's hair and lounge. Neither she nor your neighbours will hear your music - no planning consent problems and only a small uprating in the community charge - what's not to like.

The only cool hours are when I get up at 6AM till 9AM. First hour belongs to the dogs and me for fast walking (good for the health) then work in the garden and breakfast.

1st the decks and then create replacement plates for the Heybrooks so I can retain the original plate and layout. The wiring will remain as I want to hear what the cap change brings. Dr.John is right - one change at a time. I really rate the UBYTE11 speaker cable design to anyone but later will try super simple 2 x 1mm 6N solid core copper wire each inside air cored over sized FEP tubing - it maybe no better - vamos a ver.

Angela's balance problem has returned, next stop, physiotherapy - so it goes.
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