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you can say that about an awful lot of audio products. The number of hugely expensive i/connects/power cables which you are expected to buy knowing nothing about the materials and construction methods used and always accompanied by the b/s statement that 'we don't want to let our competitors into our secrets'. That is really treating potential buyers as morons. Any idiot can buy the i/connect or power cable, strip it down, have an analysis of the materials used and replicate.

As for the modern t/ts which cost serious money - none of them can match the Japanese superdecks of yesterday. I don't know of a single t/t made today that has end-of-side arm lift or motor turn off which I think should be standard on any good t/t. Nearly all the modern t/ts are created with one thing in mind - bling and the dummies fall for it.

The only modern t/t that is better than the old version is the new Technics SL 1200G but it costs just shy of 3K.

Equipment racks that cost stupid money but look wonderful, again - bling.

When I was selling my i/connects the number of times I was asked 'can't you make your i/cs look more attractive - unbelievable - cables are at the back of a system.

What a shame that Stanton or Pickering don't see the demand for LOMI cartridges and restart production.

If both my Kenwood t/ts went tits up, I'd go to and buy another one at around 800 - 10K for a deck - for dummies only and ther are an awful lot of these around - never give a sucker an even break.
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