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Default Re: Phono 3 noise issues

Hi Bob.

I've re soldered all components cables & generally tidied up.

I took some measurements before I started & the PSU with no load was showing 350V at the Pre HT but only 64V at the Phono HT.

Everything else checked out OK.

On the Phono amp only the heater voltage at 6.1V corresponded to the test information in the build manual.

I'm seeing 40V at the input capacitor, 9V at pin 6 of each input valve & 3.25V on pin 1 of the input valves.

Pin 3 & 8 of all 3 valves all reading 1.2V.

I'm wondering if my Fluke meter being auto ranging is confused as the above don't seem to make any sense.

It works fine as it did previously but no reduction on the noise front.


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