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Default Re: Phono 3 noise issues

Hi Bob.

Greg has kindly sent me the documentation which matches the units I have.

Am I right you are referring to issue 2 PCB? this is what I have.

As you say my main concern was the differences between the main voltage on the pre & phono.

I can certainly try the amp connected to the Pre output & let you know.

I'll check the wiring of the connector, but I suspect the connector had rotated in the housing when I took the original picture as I tightened it up last night.

I'll borrow a meter from work today & re check all the voltages against the test data unloaded then the circuit diagram loaded.

It wasn't obvious where to check the heater - & + pads but looking at the diagram I guess I can just check these at the regulator output & nose of D6 respectively?


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