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Default Re: Phono 3 noise issues

Hi guys.

Many thanks for your support & input, itís greatly appreciated.

Having had chance to get a scope on it the PSU is terribly noisy.

I work in an electronics company & my colleague who used to design audio kit for a hobby has been a great help.

His first comment when he looked at the schematic concerned the earthing design which I guess is where you are coming from Andy.

I suspect the main smoothing caps have gone leaky & have a couple of 350V variants which will do for checking on no load.

Iíll let you know how it goes & will swap the other electrolytic caps in the PSU while Iím at it.

Itís been an interesting learning curve as have never worked with valve stages before but always like to try & optimise things.

Iíd be very interested to find out more about the regulated kit for the PSU as whilst I understand the point about noisy valves itís clear on this one that most of the noise is getting through from the PSU & then being amplified.

At present Iíve gone back to the solid state stage I built about 15 years ago to my colleagues design which sounds fantastic but doesnít glow in the dark

Iíll update you on progress tomorrow.

Iím on the same tablets. I think itís years of chasing audio nirvana!
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