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Default Re: Alps, RH2702 50K pot.

Originally Posted by bob orbell View Post
If there is a bill for customs, you will get a invoice before the product is sent to you Colin, I should imagine that there will be a charge to pay, it all sounds very good, no VAT, but you may get customs and a handling charge, this brings the price above UK sellers . Bob
Hi Bob,
Yes you get a request to pay on line to the post office and then they deliver the goods, but then itís in the U.K. Thatís not a problem but there is a is a fee of around £10 the post office charges irrespective of the bill. Itís a bit cheeky to charge you a tenner for collecting £5 for HMRC
On the Royal Mail site it says no vat and no duty under £135 but I wasnít sure whether they adhered to it
Iíll order a couple of 100k cheapos from China
Weíll see
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