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Default Re: 5687 replacement tube.

I run 6N2P as an ECC 83 equivelent in a Phono 2 from time to time
using these

(sellers confidence that they work in all amps is worrying they won't)

to reconfigure heaters for 6.3 volt they have an Ecc88 style heater set up

if the heater supply in your amp is the same, +6.3-0-6.3 you might be able to use them to run 6N6P

but check heater wireing and pin outs

i like the Russian valves seem to have added an extra octave of tuneful bass with a nice clear treble still evident

6n1p-EV makes for a nice ECC88 replacement in pre II higher heater current but seems to cause no issues with power supply

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