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Default Re: Cheap Cartridges

Thanks Gerry, that's a brilliant site, not seen it before

It has both 160 and 304 data and the 304 is both heavier and more compliant than the 160 so should be better if anything for my arm.

Someone else had a resonance query a bit back and I see that if you click the compliance or output box on the cart spec it brings up a table for arm/cart resonance, or an output calc after entering the preamp gain. Phono3 is 45dB MM plus 20 or 26 dB for the MC TXs. The result there is that I'll have a bit more output with the 304 and x10 TXs than at the mo with 160 into MM, which will be good again.

So, will get it ordered and let you know how it goes.

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