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Default Re: 5687 replacement tube.

Hi Bob, I'm a bit late to this but did you get these sorted?

I used these in 3 amps;
WD88VA Push Pull - 2 valves as Phase splitter drivers,
WAD300B Stereo Push Pull - 1 valve as single drivers into TX phase splitters,
and Glasshouse 300B Single ended - 2 valves with paralleled sections as drivers.

I also tried 2 pairs of E182CC in place of 5687, but can't remeber which amp, and found them very bright so I'm not sure how equivalent they are. They were Mullard branded but of USA manufacture and the other pair I can't remember but NOS not new manufacture.

Personally I wouldn't use the Russians as they'll need the pin-outs rewiring and again I'm not sure how equivalent they are to 5687.

Looking through the draw I still have a pair of late Philips USA 5687 and a pair of earlier black GE, then singles of an RCA and a Jan GE 5687WB. The WAD 300B original stereo used just one and swapping different types into that didn't make much differnce to sound though all (TungSol GE RCA etc) were USA valves and I'm not sure they were made elsewhere.
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