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Default Some really great news

Two things have happened in the last few days to give rise to much celebration:

I have (finally!) managed to source all the parts for all the kits that I'm initially intending to offer, and parts are now either in stock, or are on order and delivery is expected within a couple of weeks. This has been quite a journey, and I'm over the moon to have got here! The PSU and Phono stage will be ready to ship as soon as the front panels arrive and I have up-dated the instruction manual, to be followed fairly swiftly by the Pre3 and then the amps - I'm even hoping that the Headphone Amp won't be too long following.

The second "event" was Dave passing back to me the Phono3 in its newest incarnation, having tweaked and tested it to perfection. Among Dave's notes to me was one that particularly tickled me:

"Our reference unit used with an AT-OC9/III on a SME V with the volume set 20dB higher than maximum power, does not hum or buzz in the slightest. In fact under any conditions, there is no hum whatsoever, none, none at all, did we say none!"

I think we've got rather a nice Phono unit here!

To celebrate, we're going to have that capacitor sale we were talking about. How does this sound to you? Email orders arriving up to the end of May will qualify for 40% off. P&P (to keep things simple) will be a flat rate of 4.00 per order (UK only). Sorry no telephone orders - I'm hoping to be too busy picking, packing and posting, along with continuing the good work on the kits.

Best wishes,

Matthew Snell
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