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Default Re: Northwest Analogue cartridge repair

I often wonder about such prices when Goldring will rebuild a Linn cartridge with newly wound coils, cantilever and suspension parts and Ogura retip for less than 400 quid. My Italian contact who does it as a hobby has justo charged me less than 100 euros for a Shure Hyper elliptical retip for my reserve A&R P77 and before anyone asks he is taking a Covid inspired sabbatical until further notice - he says he needs to be at peace with the world and himself before he will contemplate such nerve-wracking work. Mind you he believes each cartridge has its own g-spot and is a combination of magnet shape, and strength to max output, cantilever material and length and then the tip itself. In his case he thinks the hyper elliptical is the most faff-free shape ever bearing in mind setup, background noise and condition of most LPs. Just the right amount of detail retrievement and warmth. FYI he was quite impressed by the original Weiss Paroc fitted to the relatively unused A&R and he asked me could he keep it for use on his Koetsu. Go figure. I guess Usual price theory just does not apply when it comes to hifi, especially cartridges.
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