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it couldn't be a simpler circuit - 6 caps, 4 are smoothing caps, 2 regs. per input/output operating at less than 1V (batteries 2AA x 1.5V each. 1 earth 4 band R. 1 R per smoothing cap and 3 x Rs for i/put an o/put, all of these bar 2 are 6 band 1% as are the 27ohm i/put Rs.

All Rs are either still spot on or well within 1%. I havn't bothered measuring the caps as they are around 40 years old so will be replaced. The caps are 2 x Anodia (Italian) and 4 x Samar (Taiwan) - that's it.

This PCB is has silver tracks and very chunky at that. Can't find out anything about the ultra low voltage regs. The caps + postage are about 8, a cheap experiment that may well be worth the effort.

I still have an NOS Acutex M312III STR PZ to try - a straight ahead MM, lots of detailed info on these on Audiogon.

It definitely makes sense to experiment with these late in the day MM cartridges before shelling out serious money for the AT or Soundsmith.
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