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Default Re: WAD phono 3S Parts Selection Help

Originally Posted by bob orbell View Post
10 to 20 uF 400 volt will be fine Colin, 10 is what would be supplied. Bob

Hi All
Well I have just been looking through my stash of capacitors for some suitable Decupling Caps for C13/14/15/16 and found some 10uf and 22uf of the correct diameter with the correct pin pitch
And find the leg diameter of all the caps is just that bit too large to go through the holes in the PCB thatís just bloody greatso will have to drill out the bloody holes to fit them as well as the resistors I have why canít designers of this stuff do it to a standard size this build is now becoming irritating before it is started and now may never be build any time some sod it moving on to something different
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