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Default Re: WD Phono 3 - DC on Output?

Hi Bob,

I built the kit (Phono 3 & PSU 3) about two years ago and it passed all of the tests for both units as detailed in the instruction manual. I have not had any issues with it in use over the last two years and this has only come to light as I have tested the outputs for DC prior to potentially purchasing an amplifier which is DC coupled at its inputs. I donít run a Pre 3. (well not yet anyway!)

I recall checking the PSU 3 at the time when I suddenly found I had two 100UF 450V caps left over. I am going to check this when I get it all on the bench but I recall coming to the conclusion that I had been given two pairs of Caps for C1 in the PSU III. I will check again the voltage coming into the Phono 3 also.

I have attached two images of the top right corner of the Phono 3 schematic, the version that I had when I built my kit and the updated version with the additional resistor (R35) and Cap (C17).
Can I just check, are you saying that R35 should be a 10K 3W rather than the 1K shown?

Thanks for your help.
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