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Default Re: Phono 3 noise issues

Hi Andy

That would be great if you donít mind.

Iíd be happy to stretch to more than a stamp.

Iíve tidied it up & touched all the joints up but thereís no substitute for starting from a clean sheet.

The earth lift resistor was the main suspect until yesterday ( I couldnít see what was under the insulting tape) but re worked & no improvement.

I didnít realise prior to Bobs help that there were different versions as I acquired this second hand but I believe from his advice that itís a PSU 2 in a PSU 3 case?

I have posted a couple of pictures earlier if that helps.


P.S also biker hifi nut & better not mention the streamer DAC combo Iíve just put together or Iíll probably get struck off 😜
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