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Default Re: KEL84 Bi-coloured LED


Thanks for your help. I have no problem with the bi-colour LED in principle, so I would like to keep it. I understand its limitations, but it reminds me, and gives me time, to turn the volume knob down to avoid speaker damage and complaints from the wife !

I built the amp myself and I have the instructions, but they were limited to a single separate sheet of A4, which was all that was available at the time.

As-built it started green and then went orange. The central lead goes to the star earth as-built. I have only swapped the outer leads over on the LED. From your respone it now looks like I should have swapped over the connections to the valve bases instead, or as well - but I am not clear about that.

I would like it to start orange (i.e. red and green together and then go green (i.e. red off ?). Is that possible in principle ? If not I will simply put the leads back where they were.


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