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Further down the line and I have now got the new living room up and running on the first floor.
So I put a pair of AA cells into the PLZ that bob O kindly lent me to evaluate and plugged it into the MM input of the Rega Cursa preamp, I will try it in the WD Phono3 at some point too.
Well, it's fine as one would expect. My observations were that its susceptible to hum fields so keeping it well away from mains transformers is essential, as one would anyway when dealing with 300uV signals. The other observation is that it's just as noisy, if not a tad noisier than the Valve Phono3 and considerably noisier than my off board dedicated rega MC stage. I'm not surprised really as we are talking designs more than 30 years apart here. That said, at normal to loud listening levels it's inaudible under the Vinyl Roar etc.
Sound quality wise it's a tad brighter than using a pair of Ortofon T5 step up transformers, (Made by Sony and jolly useful little inline devices) and I'd be happy using it if it was all I had, there's nothing really not to like about it. I wasnt worried about leaving the original electrolytics in place, the worst that could happen is that they might have dried out over time but I think its unlikely and their service life in view of the never more than ambient temperature and weedy 3V Battery supply will likely be decades before any measurable drop in performance. Switching it off revealed a quite long period where it was still amplifying as the 470uF decoupling caps discharged so again these are good signs.

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