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Old 29th September 2019, 11:09 AM
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Default Squeezebox Touch with Arcam IRDAC and IRDAC II on EDO usb

I couldn't find much about using these together and not having used EDO/usb I wasn't even sure they would connect. So this is just a quick note to say I have both these dacs running on 2 separate Touches and they both set up and run fine with usb connection using EDO. I haven't tried a high res file, just regular 44.1KHz flac, but sound is very good indeed with no clicks/pops and the dac input selector lights automatically when Touch boots and connects.

There's not a lot of controls on these dacs (just input indicator) but installation is done, and a full connection status is shown, on the Touch screen using touch control or the Logitech remote. All is done through Home>settings>advanced. (EDO is installed through Home>App Gallery>third party.)

When installed Home>Settings>advanced>digital output>usb audio irdac(info) shows Rates of 44100 to 192000 and with IRDAC II shows rates of 41000 to 384000. It also confirms High speed, Async connection and the present speed etc.

If you've not tried it, I started installation of EDO from a factory re-set (hold button near power socket) and did a "software update". The dacs already had their latest software installed from Arcam site and were tried and connected successfully to a Windows 10 pc before using. Whilst installing EDO, kernel update was an option so I installed that too. It's not entirely obvious (if you've not done it before) that EDO has loaded and failure will show DAC not connected or some-such on the Touch screen. If it has loaded it will show the EDO disclaimer note on top left of screen. A point to note is that even when successfully installed swapping to another usb dac will need that dac selecting from the "select audio output" part of the Settings string where it should be showing. Familiarity helps but it should work fine so try the settings options and revert to standard and start again if necessary.

Touch can be swapped back to non EDO easily enough at any stage using software update in Settings so long as it's connected to your wifi network as it needs to download the file. Many thanks to Triode and the Squeezebox community for their amazing ongoing support

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