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Old 18th February 2022, 01:52 AM
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Default Re: WD Pre3 rebuild - different resistor or capacitor advice?

Glad you are up and running Tom. Burn in is an actual thing, but usually if it sounds good on first switch on then it will improve a little. I suspect that the older we get, the less likely that we can hear subtle hiss or noise from our components. If it sounds good to you, thats all that matters really. If you ever do feel the need to experiment, it is usually the signal path components where the biggest bang for the buck can be had.


Hi Colin, still in Dundee. Still here on the forum, just didn't feel like adding noise to anything.
Anyway, got an old project on the go just now that's going through the same upgrade process. Saw Tom's question and added my 2d.....

I'm fully retired now and am going through the junk pile
I found a phono111s a pre3 but no psu3 so they will be next on the list for building out.
I also have 2 hd3s without cases, so I intend on getting metal for them too.

This will keep me busy for a good while
Who am I? Just another concerned citizen....

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