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Old 9th March 2011, 01:11 AM
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Default Re: A great new owner for World Designs

Originally Posted by BOONDI View Post
IEC Switch combined with fuse and IEC connector.

All in one SEE !

Cost about 12 per unit in singles.

Much cheaper in multiples....

Only one hole to drill in the back panel tooooo

Hi guys I forgot to mention that I have ordered 4 off these units with full EMI/Rfi line to line protection and line to ground monitoring.

All in one unit total cost per each will be 60/4 = 15 after vat and delivery costs are taken into account.

A real hifi powerline filter built into an iec socket complete with iec mains connector and switch all in one....

It means only one bit to fit in a kit instead of about 5 different things...

Only one hole in the chassis and only 2 wires to solder to the board or pcb etc....

PART Number



IF you buy 1000 they are 5 each
If rapid can charge 15 so can DIGI KEY then so can WD and Make lots of profits to re-invest.

This unit is fully CE and safety tested and meets or excedes the relevant legislation...

Trust me I bought four already guys...

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Old 9th March 2011, 01:37 AM
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Talking Re: A great new owner for World Designs

Originally Posted by NickG View Post
I am not saying its not possible to set up a company in the UK to design, sell and support DIY hifi, and I agree there is a customer base out there that would buy such a service. What I am saying is that I don't think its possible to do all that AND make a profit.

To do what you suggest, sell against Tesco, you have to offer something Tesco doesn't. I don't know what that would be in this case. Others with more innovation may well do so, and I wish them luck, but I don't think its happened here since the original WAD split.
Just check out the KT88 thread about the 24/192Khz player made for less than fifty quid outa some recycled PC bits and some kit from ebay.....

There is new blood coming gentlemen....

They are like hungry sharks cause they smell some tasty hi-fi with quality components.....

Hang on Is that not what I said....
Start buying these iec/emi/rfi/switch/fuse combined in bulk of 1000 for as little as 5.32 each....

So buy a shed load of kit like this and get it up for sale right now...

This is the latest safest best bit of kit in a long time and it revolutionises the whole power system wiring process....

It is remarcable technology for the 5.32 asking price...

Trust me I bought 4 for 15 each shipped to my door by express service from the USA...

Brand ne tech meets recycled 50 pc music server with full hi def 24/192 capability...

Man alive thats the future...

24/192Khz 2 channel audio done as cheaply and safely as possible with minimal components and minimal cost.

Thats how you beat the chinese at there own game....

By playing with the cheapest source of Quality DIY
Aftersales service and the forum.
Get a facebook page together
get people to like you on facebook and start a youtube channel and etc etc etc...


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