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Old 13th February 2021, 02:53 PM
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Default New Amplifier

While my WAD 6550 is boxed up ready to fight another day (Badly wounded) I have bought a Roksan Oxygene amplifier to keep me company, it comprises of Hypex UCD 400 Class D modules which puts into the Class D category, the benefits that I was looking for was something small light and efficient but the case being built from a solid block of aluminium it can not be classed as light but of being of solid build.

The sound was the biggest surprise as I thought the Hypex modules may sound a tad sterile, it's not soft or fluid in it sound but one that is very detailed with out being over clinical, having a tubed based cd player some of the fluidness was added to the mix, there is a complete abscent of back ground noise or hum. So it's a lot more detailed then the Wad amplifier and without any tranny hum etc, where it falls behind the the 6550 amp is in dynamics the WAD amp makes music sound live given a greater realism, the Roksan does perform a very pin point stereo effect so perfect if you like to listen near field monitors.

To turn up the volume there is a remote or just touching the top of the case, so it's fully digital and without a pot, also you have Bluetooth that can recieve the signal from your dac, phone etc without being wired up.

The design is pretty cool with tiny led lights indicating the volume and source.

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